Makimono Creations

Makimono Creations

Uncle Sam’s Maki 215
Shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber strips and mango topped with delicious honey-cured bacon and mayonnaise  
Dynamite Ebi Roll 220
Rolled maki with crispy ebi filling, refreshingly healthy with kani, mango, asparagus, and mildly spicy sauce  
Salmon Roll 210
Norwegian salmon, cream cheese, cucumber with Japanese mayonnaise and crunchy toppings  
Volcano Roll 315
Fresh Norwegian salmon, tuna, shrimp, mango and cucumber in a mild spicy sauce  
California Maki 145
Crabstick, mango and cucumber, topped with Japanese mayonnaise  
Spicy SalmonMaki 295
Fresh Norwegian salmon in spicy Japanese mayonnaise topped with onion leeks  
Spicy Tuna Maki 245
Fresh tuna in chili paste, topped with tempura flakes  
Hawaiian Maki 195
Maki with pineapple chunks and spicy crunchy salmon bits  
Softshell Crab Maki 385
Softshell crab deep-fried to a golden brown crisp, in a light batter, rolled with cream cheese and cucumber  
Mixed Maki 210
California maki, Tamago maki, Kani maki, Tekka maki  
Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar

Salmon 110
Tuna 95
Kani 99
Ebi 99
Tamago 75
Uni 165
Unagi 265
Mixed Sushi 199
( Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, Kani, and Tamago )  
Salmon 99
Tuna 99
California 85
Ebi 85
Kani 85
Tuna 199
Salmon 215
Kani 145
Ebi 145
Uni 195
Tamago 155
Mixed Sashimi 220
( Tuna, Shrimp, Crabstick, Squid, and Tamago )  
Kani Salad 155
Crabstick shredded with garden fresh lettuce, mango and cucumber topped with Japanese mayonnaise and ebiko  
Salmon Sashimi Salad 170
Fresh Norwegian salmon in spicy Japanese mayonnaise with garden fresh lettuce, tsuma and cucumber  
Sushi Boat 420
Tamago Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Ebi Sushi, Kani Sushi  
Sashimi Boat 580
Tamago Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Kani Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi, Ebi Sashimi  
Sashimi Boat 650
California Maki, Tamago Sushi, Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Tuna Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Ebi Sushi, Kani Sushi, Dynamite Ebi Roll  


Kaisen Sizzler 365
Fresh tuna, Norwegian salmon, shrimp, squid and mussels in a sweet and spicy garlic teppanyaki sauce, served in a sizzling plate  
Honey Miso Glazed Salmon 385
Melts in your mouth, fresh Norwegian salmon loin, grilled to perfection, in our signature honey-miso sauce  
Salmon Katsu 435
Fresh Norwegian salmon with Japanese bread crumbs, deep-fried to a golden brown crisp  
Unagi Katsu 695
Deep fried eel coated with Japanese bread crumbs with teriyaki miso sauce, cabbage salad and Japanese rice  
Ebi Bacon Furai 270
Fried tiger prawns wrapped in honey-cured bacon  
Mixed Seafood Teppanyaki 335
Pan-fried Norwegian salmon, tuna, shrimp, squids with vegetables in teppanyaki sauce  
Unagi Teriyaki 698
Grilled eel with teriyaki sauce  
Gindara Teriyaki 495
Grilled gindara basted in teriyaki sauce  


Kurobuta Katsu 525
Known as the world’s finest pork for its marbling flavor and tenderness, the imported Kurobuta pork is deep-fried to a golden brown crisp. Served with tonkatsu sauce with crushed sesame seeds, fresh shredded cabbage, and Japanese rice.  
Gyoza 129
Japanese style pork dumpling made more appetizing with special soy dip  
Ebi Bacon Maki 255
Mouth-watering! Grilled fresh shrimp, enoki mushroom and asparagus rolled in delicious honey-cured bacon, with teriyaki sauce  
Tofu Steak 170
Deep fried tofu topped with sauteed ground pork, shiitake mushroom and onion in Tempura Japanese sauce.  
Tonkatsu 219
Deep fried breaded pork cutlets served with cabbage salad  
Yasai Itame 130
Stir-fried mixed vegetables and meat with teppanyaki sauce  


Gyu Wafu Steak 399
Pan-fried beef tenderloin with spinach, carrots, bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, young corn in steak sauce served with gohan  
Beef Teppanyaki 399
Pan-fried beef tenderloin with bean sprouts, onions and carrots in teppanyaki sauce served with gohan  
Gyuniku Teriyaki 269
Sliced beef tenderloin in teriyaki sauce  


Tori Teriyaki 215
Chicken leg fillet, grilled to perfection, served with signature teriyaki sauce  
Tori Karaage 285
Marinated chicken fillet, deep-fried to a golden brown crisp, served with curry gravy sauce  
Tori Teppanyaki 205
Pan-fried diced chicken, bean sproud onions, bell peppers and carrots in teppanyaki sauce  


Katsudon 205
Tender and savory breaded pork cutlet, deep-fried to a golden brown crisp, with stirred egg, topped on Japanese rice  
Gyudon 259
Sliced beef tenderloin with shiitake mushrooms, onion leeks and egg yolk, topped on Japanese rice  
Tori Teriyakidon 225
Chicken leg fillet, grilled to perfection, served with signature teriyaki sauce, and topped on Japanese rice  
Yakitori Don 199
Grilled chicken skewers in teriyaki sauce served with Japanese rice and bean sprouts  
Buta Shogayakidon 205
Pork strips with lightly-gingered Japanese soy sauce topped on Japanese rice  
Sukiyakidon 215
Sliced beef tenderloin with vegetables, tofu and vermicelli in sukiyaki sauce topped on Japanese rice with egg  
Seafood Kaisen Raisu ( good for 2 to 3 ) 210
Sweet and spicy fried rice with salmon, tuna, shrimp, scallops, cream dory, with spicy & crunchy anchovies  
Gomoku Chahan 75
Fried rice with ground pork, vegetables and egg topped with shrimp and squid  
Chahan 60
Fried rice with ground pork, vegetables and egg  
Gohan 47
Steamed Japanese rice  
Ramen & Soup

Ramen & Soup

Shoyu Chashu Ramen 310
Savory soy sauce ramen with our signature slow-cooked and tender pork belly, topped with corn, bean sprouts, fish cake and spring onions  
Yakiudon 195
Stir fried thick noodles with pork, assorted vegetables, shrimp and squid  
Seafood Ramen 275
Thin egg noodles topped with salmon belly, scallops, shrimp, squid, clams and mussels, in clear base soup  
Yakisoba 195
Stir fried thin noodles with pork, assorted vegetables, shrimp and squid  
Tempura Miso Ramen 265
Thin noodles with ebi tempura in miso soup base  
Sukiyaki 305
Sliced beef tenderloin with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, vegetables and vermicelli noodles in warm sukiyaki broth  
Miso Soup 54
Classic Japanese soybean paste soup  
Dessert & Beverages

Dessert & Beverages

Praline Mousse Ganache ( For sharing ) 245
Dark chocolate mousse cake, layered with praline ( caramelized hazelnut paste ), coated with chocolate ganache topped with chocolate shavings and cherry  
Molten Lava Cake 110
Warm dark chocolate lava cake, with a rich chocolate fudge filling, baked fresh from the oven. Topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and cherry  
Coffee Jelly 75
Creamy vanilla ice cream topped with coffee jelly, sprinkled with choco chips  
Green Tea Ice Cream 80
An indulging green tea flavored ice cream  
Brewed Lemon Iced Tea 75
( Refillable )  
Softdrinks 75
( Refillable )  
Softdrinks in can 60
Bottled Water 45
( 500 ml )  
Four Season 90
Banana Nut 90
Mango 90
Cucumber Mint 90
Watermelon 160
San Mig Pale 65
San Mig Light 65
Asahi 140
Sake 330
Party Platters

Party Platters

Premium Makimono Platter  
Dynamite Ebi Roll & Salmon Roll  
Medium 995 Large 1,499
Makimono Platter  
California Maki & Hawaiian Maki  
Medium 699 Large 995
Chicken Platter  
Teriyaki & Tori Karaage  
Medium 985 Large 1,450
Gyoza Platter  
Medium 699 Large 995
Yakitori Platter  
Dynamite Ebi Roll & Salmon Roll  
Medium 20 pcs. of Yakitori 699 Large 30 pcs. of Yakitori 1,099
Noodle Platter  
Yakisoba / Yakiudon  
Medium 699 Large 995
Mixed Seafood Tempura Platter  
Mixed Seafood Tempura  
Medium 780 Large 1,199